Beneath the  Makeup and behind the Smile 

I ‘m just a girl who  Wishes for the World

~    Marilyn Monroe

Connecticut makeup artist dd Nickel

   Professional Painter of Faces

As early as I can remember, I liked to color.  Crayons, markers, pencils, paint…it really didn’t matter. Little did I know my talent for “staying inside the lines” would take me on a journey filled with colorful people and places….

Armed with $300, two suitcases and two cats, I arrived in New York City with big plans to become, well, not a Makeup Artist. It appears The Big Apple had better ideas. My career has taken me to a bullfight in Mexico, and the jungles of Costa Rica. Through a traveling band of circus carnies….and a pool of friendly dolphins.. I’ve seen Red Carpets in Cannes…and the Runways of New York City. There have been countless TV sets…and even a Broadway stage. And Nebraska. There was Nebraska.


I Love what I do.

And I want to Share it with you….


Image ~  Carla Ten Eyck