Love is Beauty of the Soul

 ~  Saint Augustine


You’ve met your charming Prince and are eagerly awaiting the rest of your lives together. But FIRST,  it’s your supermodel, strut-your-stuff, “you go girl” runway moment..your “what designer are you wearing?“ Oscar-worthy stroll down the White Carpet. It’s YOUR name in lights this time.

And You are the Star of This show.

And as all shining stars know, it takes a village to create a look worthy of the moment…you’ve secured the gin, the joint, the flora…maybe some fauna, the sights, the sounds and all the culinary delights your pocketbook could afford! You’ve searched relentlessly for a deliciously, dreamy dress and NOW you need to look as polished as that sparkly bauble on your (hopefully) manicured finger!

There’s not a star in sight that doesn’t know the importance of makeup so…

If you‘re ready….

Here’s how it goes!

Can I book a Trial with you?
YES!  Trials are held in studio
Makeup ~ $100  Hair ~ $125

And on the Big Day?
I’’ll come to you!

How much do you Charge?
That depends on the who, what, when & where
Visit the Contact page for a customized quote

And do you do Hair?

 Ask me about hair services!

What if I have a great Big bridal party?
That’s quite alright. I have people!

Will you stay for Touch-ups during the wedding?
If you’d like me to!
Rates start at $100 per hour

How do I get a  Quote  or schedule a  Bridal Trial?

 It’s easy!  Visit the Contact page for more info 

And how do I Book you for the Big Day?

Dates are secured with a contract and a deposit

For more detailed  Info  and to view more

 Bridal Beauty



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