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GUESS Watches: The Look of Love…

GUESS Watches:  The Look of Love...

GUESS girls…seriously, who doesn’t want to be one???  In my mind, on my best day I really AM one….but most of the time I just get to play makeup like one…. I’ve had the pleasure for some time now to be a blog contributor and a behind the scenes makeup artist for the global brand […]

GUESS Watches: Mix it Up

GUESS Watches:  Mix it Up

Happy New Year Ladies!  If you’re like me….and every other woman in the great US of A….you’ve been pondering lots of things for the new year ahead…fitness, diet, personal goals and…what the BLEEP is in my closet?  Do I even like anything in here?  How do I start the new year looking my best??  Well, […]

GUESS Watches: Sparkle and Shine

GUESS Watches:  Sparkle and Shine

Tis’ the season…for sparkles, sequins and snowflakes…and no one knows that better than GUESS Watches.  And to feature their holiday collection, they threw a party!  And lucky me was there…doing sparkly, seasonal makeup!  Take a moment to celebrate with GUESS before you head out to your own party.  Here’s hoping you had a sparkly holiday […]

Welcome Back….Matte

Welcome Back....Matte

Roll out the welcome mat…for matte lipstick.  It’s back! For more tips, tricks and tutorials, visit me at Style Confessions

Celebrity Looks for Real Women

Celebrity Looks for Real Women

 Gosh…I don’t even know where to start here!  I’d been cooking up this project for awhile.  I love vintage looks…that’s no surprise, and wanted to create looks from each decade gone by and thought using “real women” (aka. my friends) would be fun.  Everyone really can look like a’s the proof! So here it is…two […]

Fashion & Fun with Sonia Baghdady

Fashion & Fun with Sonia Baghdady

As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside…another day of fun with friend and local Connecticut news babe, Sonia Baghdady… Photography:  Jacklyn Greenberg of JAG Studios Hair:  Grisel Carrano of Richard Penna Salon Makeup:  Well….you already know the answer to that… And the guy who really kept things ticking with…lighting in a variety of […]

It’s true….Sonia Baghdady Rocks!

It's true....Sonia Baghdady Rocks!

  So…just another day at the office…which in my case, means just another day having fun playing makeup.  And what makes it fun?  Well, besides the obvious, it’s always the people I get to work with…on this day, a few of my favorites! Photog: Anthony DeCarlo Video: David Ruzicka of Fairytale Studio Hair: Cheryl McMahon […]

Beauty Basics…all about the eyes!

Connecticut Style viewers wrote in and here are a few of their beauty questions answered!  It’s all about the eyes!

Makeup Mistakes and Mishaps

Makeup mishaps and our beauty biggest mistakes all start with a purchase from the makeup counter….find out what YOU’VE been doing right (and wrong!)

Blazin’ Blazo

Blazin' Blazo

And more Sonia Baghdady photos….Steve Blazo took these ridiculously rockin’ shots…he and Anthony DeCarlo share this super cool warehouse space and were kind enough to host us for a super fun day of glamour shooting!   Makeup:  Well…quite obviously….ME!…the “Nude Face” took a bit of convincing but I think we can all agree the look ”agrees” with her! Hair: Cheryl McMahon […]

The 80's are back for Fall! I'm not kidding….

YES!…it’s TRUE…and for those of us that lived through them the first time…Mall Bangs, Parachute Pants, Mullets and ALL…don’t be scared! I know you are….but I promise to dedicate as many posts possible to make sure we’re all re-living them the right way this time…

What’s in your Makeup Bag?

So I was back at CT Style today….what’s in YOUR makeup bag??  More importantly, what SHOULDN’T be in your makeup bag?

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